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The giant group La Patufa from Llinars del Vallès, in 2016 asked me to make the jewels of the giant Sança, earrings and a brass bracelet. The bracelet was a great challenge, as for its placement it was essential that it could be disassembled, so we created two pieces that intertwined and fit together perfectly.

In 2020 they contacted me again because they wanted to make the jewels of the giant Rimbau and the Sibyl, as they were doing a complete restoration. We made the jewelry with 925 sterling silver and aventurine natural stone. Following a design suitable for the time represented by the giants and adding the flax flower as a symbolic element of Llinars.
We made the necklace, the earrings and the ring for the Sibyl Giantess and a seal ring with the Corbera shield for the Rimbau Giant.

We are very grateful for the trust of the gang in our work.

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